Spring 2021 Highlights

Spring 2021 Writing Center

Introduction to Academic Writing Canvas Modules

We recommend you take this informal and asynchronous learning opportunity if:

  • You want tips about the writing process, from reading and note-taking all the way through editing and revision
  • You want to familiarize or refresh yourself with the expectations for writing in academia, in the education field, and/or in the U.S.
  • You want to learn about specialized assignment types common at HGSE
  • You want to improve your use of academic evidence, both how to write about it and how to cite or reference it

Begin these modules today here

Featured Past Webinars 

We also offer webinars and workshops throughout the semester. If you missed any of our programming, you can view all past workshops here. We highly reccomend taking a look at "Revising and Editing Your Academic Writing"!

Spring 2021 CommLab

Spring 2021 Workshops 

We offer webinars and workshops throughout the semester. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming Spring 2021 webinars, which are typically offered a few times every month. Our upcoming featured workshop can be view here.

Featured Past Workshops

If you missed any of our programming, you can view all past workshops here. We highly reccomend taking a look at the "How to Give an Effective Elevator Pitch: Creating & Communicating Your Vision in Under 1 Minute"! 


Our peer tutoring model is designed to provide a welcoming, safe and non-evaluative space for students to hone their written and oral communication skills. At the HGSE Writing Center, students can receive help responding to course assignment prompts, organizing their papers or research projects, and developing proposals, theses, or field statements. At the HGSE CommLab, students can receive help on preparing academic or professional presentations, creating an elevator pitch, making research posters, and enhancing their digital brand.

For the Spring 2021 term, we will be offering all virtual services. This includes workshops and one-on-one or small group appointments. We've highlighted a few of our Spring 2021 offerings above under "Spring 2021 Writing Center" and "Spring 2021 CommLab". Feel free to click into each to learn more about them! For more information about our services, available resources and appointments check out the Writing Center and CommLab homepages.

We are absolutely thrilled to meet and work with you throughout the Spring 2021 term.

The HGSE Writing Center & CommLab Teaching Team