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Ning Zou Associate Director for Student Academic Services & Learning Design                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ning ZouI am the Associate Director for Student Academic Services & Learning Design and a research librarian. I oversee Gutman Library's Writing Center and the Communications Lab, provide research appointments, and lead the library's learning design projects.

My research interests include libraries and social capital and information literacy education. 

Email: ning_zou@gse.harvard.edu


Timothy Patrick McCarthy  Faculty Advisor         

Dr. McCarthy Photo

Dr. McCarthy is an award-winning scholar, teacher, and activist. At the Harvard Graduate School of Education, he is core faculty in both the Foundations Curriculum and the Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship Program (ELOE). At the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was the first openly gay/queer faculty member and still teaches the school’s only course on LGBTQ matters, he is Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Public Leadership and Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

See Dr. McCarthy's full bio here



MG Prezioso Teaching Fellow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

MG Prezioso PhotoMG is a Teaching Fellow at the HGSE CommLabMG Prezioso's research lies at the intersection of psychology and literature. Specifically, she is interested in the process of children's narrative absorption, as well as how literature contributes to students' moral development and identity formation.

Email: mgprezioso@g.harvard.edu 





Writing Center

Megan Bogia

Teaching Fellow

Harvard Shield

Megan is an HGSE and FAS Doctoral Student in Culture, Institutions, and Society. Her research combines political philosophy and qualitative case studies to examine the role of higher education in a democracy. Her work also explores what makes a healthy epistemic ecosystem and how these normative conclusions can influence our understanding of postsecondary public policy. 

Email: mbogia@g.harvard.edu

Brandon Edwards

Teaching Fellow

Brandon Edwards is an HGSE and FAS Doctoral Candidate in Culture, Institutions, and Society. 

Brandon uses qualitative, anthropological methods to examine how religious beliefs impact views of higher education, and how college shapes students’ religious worldviews. He serves also as a qualitative research associate for North Carolina State University’s IDEALS Project. 

Email: bedwards@fas.harvard.edu

Martha Franco 

Teaching Fellow

Martha Franco

Martha is an HGSE and FAS Doctoral Candidate in Culture, Institutions, and Society. 

Martha's research focuses on how Central American unaccompanied minors are incorporated into U.S. public schools and the U.S. more broadly.

Email: marthafranco@g.harvard.edu  

Simone Fried

Lead Teaching Fellow

Simone image

Simone is an HGSE Doctoral Candidate in Educational Policy, Leadership, and Instructional Practice. 

Simone studies K-12 education policy through an organizational theory lens, particularly at the state and district level. Her current work investigates how state educational agencies prepare for and then implement takeovers of low-performing school districts. Her interests include governance, interorganizational relationships, policy implementation, and the human element of reform.

Email: simone_fried@gse.harvard.edu

Shandra Jones

Teaching Fellow

Shandra M. Jones is an HGSE & GSAS Doctoral Candidate with a concentration in Human Development, Learning, and Teaching. She also identifies as an African American and Black, Next Gen/FGLI student, and student-parent.

In her research, Shandra uses quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to explore how ethnic-racial identity development supports post-secondary educational success and positive mental health outcomes for students of color during late adolescence and young adulthood. Through her work, she seeks to bridge research and practice within an interdisciplinary developmental psychology and prevention science framework to understand how colleges and universities can intervene for student success and ultimately close the racialized college completion and success gaps in the U.S. 

Email: shandrajones@g.harvard.edu


Alfatah Moore

Teaching Fellow

Al image

Al is an HGSE and FAS Doctoral Candidate in Human Development, Learning, and Teaching. 

Al’s research focuses on literacy acquisition and the design of interventions for students with reading difficulty in the elementary grades. His work also considers the implementation and scaling of interventions in the context of strategic management for school systems.

Email: alfatah_moore@g.harvard.edu

Zenzile Riddick

Teaching Fellow

Zenzile Riddick

Zenzile's research focuses on the historical and contemporary landscape of Black educational institutions, leadership, and achievement. Currently, she studies the institutional culture and pedagogical practices of Black-led alternative educational models, as well as their impact on student success. 

Email: zriddick@g.harvard.edu