Fall 2020 


Introduction to Academic Writing Online Workshop

  • Access at https://canvas.harvard.edu/courses/73233
    • We recommend you take this workshop if: 
      • You want tips about the writing process, from reading and note-taking all the way through editing and revision 
      • You want to familiarize or refresh yourself with the expectations for writing in academia, in the education field, and/or in the U.S. 
      • You want to learn about specialized assignment types common at HGSE 
      • You want to improve your use of academic evidence, both how to write about it and how to cite or reference it 
      • Participants will practice relevant skills and receive concrete resources 
      • Topics: Academic Writing Structure, Style & Strategy and Citing & Referencing in the Digital Age 


  • Revising and Editing Your Academic Writing
    • Students will learn strategies for improving the structure, organization, style, wording, grammar, and mechanics of writing, and complete practice exercises.
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Past Presentation Materials

Academic Writing: Structure, Style, & Strategy (2019)

  Presentation Slides: structure_style_strategy_fall_2019.pdf                                                      Workshop Materials: style_structure_strategy_materials.pdf

Academic Writing: Citing & Referencing in the Digital Age (2019)

  Presentation Slides: citing_referencing_fall_2019.pdf                                                                  Workshop Materials: citing_and_referencing_materials.pdf